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Other Consular Services

Applicant has to be present at the time of attestation of documents/signatures/photographs.


  • Miscellaneous form to be filled by the applicant at Embassy.
  • One passport size photograph to be pasted on miscellaneous form.
  • Only Commercial/official/documents from the business houses can be attested by an authorized representative. Copy of passport/ID of the representative to be attached with miscellaneous form.
  • List of documents required is given with type of services below.


Surrender Letter (Renunciation of Indian Citizenship):

1. Indian Passport Original and Copy.
2. Kitas / Kitab Copy and Original.
3. Letter of citizenship from Indonesian Authorities.
4. Photo 2inch by 2inch One Copy.
5. Renunciation Prescribed Form (At Embassy Counter)
6. Miscellaneous form to be filled (At Embassy Counter)



An Indian national, including a minor, on acquisition of foreign nationality and Passport, is not entitled to retain his/her Indian Passport and has to immediately surrender his/her passport for cancellation.

- After renunciation, you will be given a letter of surrender stating that your Indian passport has been cancelled and that you are no longer an Indian citizen.
-Your cancelled passport will also be returned to you.
- The Surrender certificate will be given to the applicant only at the Embassy premises.
- On acquisition of foreign citizenship, all Indian nationals should surrender the passport (if acquired before 31/5/2010) or renounce citizenship (after 31.5.2010).
- Minors who have acquired citizenship (including Certificate of Citizenship) must surrender their passport (if acquired before 31.5.2010) or renounce citizenship (if acquired after 31.5.2010).
- A person (including minor) is liable to be penalized if after acquisition of foreign nationality, he/she retains the Indian passport beyond three years or travels on it beyond the grace period of three months, on a passport whose final validity expired on or after 1.1.2005.
- The fine would be imposed at the following rates:
- Retention of Indian passport beyond the grace period of 3 years - Rs.10,000/-.
- For each travel -Rs.10,000/- subject to a maximum travel of 5.
- If the Indian passport got reissued (after obtaining foreign citizenship /passport), an additional fine of Rs.25000/- would be charged


NOC for Indonesian Citizenship:

1. Indian Passport Original and Copy.
2. Kitas / Kitab- Original and copy.
3. Requesting Letter to Indonesian Immigration (Copy and Original).
4. Photo 2inch by 2inch One Copy.
5. Miscellaneous form to be filled.

Fees : IDR 365,000(Cash only)


Birth Certificate based on Passport:

1. Indian Passport Original and Copy.
2. Kitas / Kitab Original and Copy.
3. Photo 2inch by 2inch One Copy.
4. Miscellaneous form to be filled at Embassy.

Fees : IDR 365,000(Cash only)


NOC or Affidavit attestation for Marriage (In Case of Marriage of Indian to Indonesian National):

1. Both Passports Original and Copy.
2. Photo 2inch by 2inch One Copy Each.
3. Fill The Affidavit In Prescribed Form From The Indian Mission.
4. Applicant has to submit on his/her own behalf a Bachelorhood Affidavit from Competent Courts in India in original with photocopy. The affidavit should be attested from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India OR To provide original sworn affidavit from the parents of the applicant about singlehood and their no objection to the marriage stamped from district office/notary in India along copy of IDs of parents; and Self-affidavit declaring bachelorhood, stamped from district office/notary in India

5. Notarized Self-affidavit by Indonesian National (bride or groom) declaring singlehood and affidavit from parents attested by RT/RW along with copy of passports/ IDs

After marriage, the couple need to get attested their marriage certificate by Indonesia Foreign Office (Kemlu/Deplu) and further Attested by Indian Embassy. Also need to register their marriage with the registrar of marriage in India. Fees : IDR 365,000(Cash only)


NOC Regarding Issue of Passport from India in R/O Minor: (In Case One Of The Parent Residing At India Applies For Child’s Passport)

1. Passport & Kitas (Original & Copy) of the Applicant.
2. Marriage Certificate.
3. Birth Certificate of the Child.
4. Prescribed Form To Fill Up For The Parent In Indonesia.

As per new rule there is no need to attest the Affidavit by Missions.
Fees : IDR 365,000(Cash only)


Indian Passport /Birth Registration for Newly Born Baby (One of the Spouse is other Nationality):

1. Marriage Certificate.
2. Both Parents Passport Original and Copy.
3. One of The Parent’s Kitas/Kitab.
4. Baby’s Birth Certificate from the Hospital and from the Local Government. (both required).
5. Baby’s Photo 2 inch x 2 inch, two Copies with white background with contrast dress.
6. Self-Affidavit from the Parents certifying that they have not applied for any other Passport.
7. Do The Online Registration Then Submit To Indian Mission

(The Application for New Born Child should be made preferably within one year of Birth)

Fees : IDR 725,000(for passport) and 365,000(for Birth Registration certificate


Attestation of Documents: a) True copy of the original documents issued from India only

1. Original Document and two Copies.
2. Original Passport and Copy.
3. Original Kitas and Copy.


To Fill Up Miscellaneous Form available at The Embassy
Fees: IDR. 150,000/- For true copy per Document


b) Attestation of documents originated from Indonesia based organizations/departments:


Documents should be Attested Or Stamped first from Foreign Affairs Indonesia (KEMLU/DEPLU). Document in Bahasa Indonesia should be supported with the Official Translation.


Attestation of documents originated from India based organizations/departments: Documents from India should first be authenticated from Ministry of External Affairs, India. Only then documents will be attested by Embassy Of India, Jakarta.


Fees: 365,000(IDR-Cash only) per document. IDR 725 for Export related documents.


8.Power of Attorney:


1. Two copies of power of Attorney

2. Copy of Passport/OCI and KITAS with originals.

3. Miscellaneous Form (To be filled at Embassy).

4. Presence of Applicant who is signing the Power of Attorney is

compulsory and sign in front of Consular Officer.

5. There should not no other signatures (witnesses, notary etc.) except

the person/persons signing the power of attorney who is/are present.


Fees: 365,000(IDR-Cash only) per applicant.


9. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC):

1. Police Record From Local Government.
2. Passport (Original & Copy).
3. KITAS (Original & Copy).
4. A letter from the Company where applicant is working stating that there is nothing adverse or otherwise against the applicant.
5. Photo-Passport size- One Copy.


(Presence of applicant is compulsory)
Fees : IDR 365,000


10. Death Certificate/ to India:

1. Original Passport for Cancellation & Copy.
2. KITAS (Original & Copy).
3. To fill up Miscellaneous Form and Death Notification Form 4. Death Certificate from Local Authorities (Hospital or Crematoriums) clearly mentioning the cause of death. 5. Passport & KITAS (original and copy) of the informant, 6.Police Report(original and copy), if death is not natural
Fees : Gratis


For Carrying Ashes to India:

1. Death Certificate Copy and original.
2. Applicant’s Passport/OCI card (Copy and Original) Fees : Gratis


11. NRI Certificate in R/O of the child for the parents working in Indonesia:

1. Sponsor Letter From The Company Certifying How Long he/she Has been Working.
2. The Child Birth Certificate or Passport Copy.
3. Marriage Certificate.
4. Parent’s Passport Copy along with
5. Affidavit from the Parent who is working in Indonesia.

Fee: Rp 365,000


12. Certificate of Identity.

1. Passport (original and copy)


3. Any other ID like Election Card/ Aadhar etc
Fees : IRD 725,000


(Presence of applicant is compulsory)


13 Emergency Certificate


An Emergency Certificate (one-way travel document), which authorizes an Indian citizen to enter India, is issued to individuals who have lost their passports or their passports have been stolen or damaged and to whom new passports cannot be issued without approval from India. This document is issued primarily with the objective of ensuring the applicant's return to India in an emergency. Applicants should fill in online application form as prescribed for the issue of a new passport and come for a personal interview.
Documents to be attached:
- Original Air Ticket
- Letter from Jail in case imprisonment for overstay / immigration for deportation.
Fees : IDR 220,000

**An additional Rp.27,000/- per service as mentioned above, will be charged towards ICWF


Other Consular Services

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